Amirkabiruniversity, as one of the top universities both in Iran and all over the world,has an increasing number of applicants each year. Due to the high competitionamong the students, especially the foreign ones, it has been a mindset foreveryone how to remove the barriers and seize the chance to study in Amirkabir.Considering the qualities and top facilities of education, Iran is one the topstudy destinations in the region that provides the students with whatever isneeded to achieve their goals, which is why foreign students in Iran takeAmirkabir universities on trust, especially the students from some neighboringcountries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Russia.

In Iran,universities are growing fast regarding technology and advancement. That is whyit has been a wish to study in Iran for Pakistani students, as an example. Theyare looking forward to every kind of news on how it is possible to be admittedat this university as one of the best of all. If so, it affects the strength ofthe students' resume greatly, and also gives a chance to the students to befamiliar with the country with 5000 years of ancient culture and civilization.Let's know the university first.

AmirkabirUniversity of Technology or AUT

This universityis a public research university located in Tehran, Iran. It was established in1928 as Standard Academy and developed by Habib Nafisi in 1956, and Dr.Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi as Tehran Polytechnic that is another name of thisuniversity. Knowing about what to study in Amirkabir requires familiarity withthe departments of the university. The university is funded by the IranianGovernment and industrial companies.

Thedepartments of Amirkabir University of Technology

The universitystarted with just five departments; however, this number rose to more thanfifteen since then. To name the main ones, we can refer to RoboticsEngineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, ChemicalEngineering, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, andInformation Technology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, MarineTechnology, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mining,and Metallurgy Engineering, Energy Engineering, and Physics, Polymer, and ColorEngineering, Textile Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. 

It is famousfor Mother of Engineering universities, which is just related to its nationaland international reputation. Since the competition is so high, the acceptancerate is just 1%, which is done through an entrance exam named Konkour.

Thecampuses of Amirkabir University of Technology

The branches ofthis university are spread all over Iran, which makes it easy for you to chooseevery city that you like. The campuses are located in Tehran, Mahshahr, BandarAbbas, and Garmsar. Each one collaborates with a special university ororganization. The one situated in the capital city is very close to publictransportation, which is considered as a positive point. The campuses inMahshar and Bandar Abbas collaborate with local petroleum and marineindustries, respectively., and the campus in Garmsar works with the primarycampus in Tehran.

All thecampuses provide facilities at all levels, including Bachelor's, Master's, andDoctoral degrees. They admit both genders, females and males. The services areunique, especially for foreign students. To study in Amirkabir, no matter whichbranch, you can benefit from a wide range of academic and non-academicfacilities like different libraries, recreational and sport facilities, onlinecourses, distant learning opportunities, and also administrative services.Contacting the Admission Office of the Amirkabir University of Technology, youcan get any detailed information regarding specific admission selection policyin addition to acceptance rate, which are different considering areas of study,degree level, student nationality or residence, and some other factors.

The awardwon by the Amirkabir University of Technology

This universityis famous for its research and innovation. Iran's Ministry of Science andTechnology has awarded this University Center of Excellence in some fields likeBiomechanics, Power Systems, Radiocommunication systems, and Thermoelasticity.Amirkabir university publishes the Amirkabir Journal of Science and Technology,which is a scientific journal targeted at publishing research achievements ofacademic researchers in engineering, and sciences. In order to enhance researchoutput, the university collaborates with industries and educationalinstitutions.

Scholarship,and its requirements

If you intendto study at Amirkabir university, you had better try to win thescholarship to save your money. To do so you need to have someacademic qualifications. The first and foremost is the required GPA which is 14out of 20 for B.A., and M.A. in Technology, Engineering, and Basic Sciences.However, for Ph.D., this number is 16. The age of the applicant is importanttoo. At the time the application is being made, your age should be 22 years forB.A., 26 for M.A., and 31 for Ph.D. If you are lucky and qualified enough, youcan get the benefits of the scholarship. It covers the cost of Persian courses,dormitories, insurance depending on the required conditions. However, youshould keep in mind that you are not allowed to get two scholarships from twodifferent sources.


The process ofapplying and getting the scholarship starts with filling in the applicationform that can be downloaded from the site of the university. You should noticethat the necessary documents should be prepared before the deadline. Theyinclude certificates of your completed documents, transcripts of the coursesand grades you completed in each semester, any documentation likedissertations, essay summaries, and letters of recommendation, and a copy ofthe page in your passport that shows personal data and photograph. You need toget all the documents officially issued and credited. Also, a certificatepresenting that you have a good command of the Persian language is needed. In caseyou don't have such a certificate, you must take part in some Persian languageclasses for about three months.

Beforeuploading or submitting the documents, depending on the university's request,you need to have them officially translated into Persian and English languages.Some authorities, like the Ministry of the Justice Administration and JusticeAdministration, must stamp the translated documents. If they are not stamped,they won't be considered valid ones. Another important point that should beconsidered is the transcripts. They must be verified by the university. Foruploading the documents, you need to scan them; however, the original documentsshould be scanned, not the copies. Also, it is necessary to scan both sides ofthe documents, the front and back sides. Some essential information like yourname and birthdate must be the same in all the documents like I.D.,transcripts, and degree certificate. The university and the governmentauthorities check them to be sure they are authentic or not. So, be sure of theauthenticity of your documents.

How you canapply

Fulfilling yourdream to study in Amirkabir requires you to apply first. The procedure containssome steps that should be taken accurately and precisely. It takes just a fewminutes to make your dream come true., which is the official site of Amirkabir University, canpave the way for applying for the university. Taking the steps required, if yourun into any problem, you can contact the admission staff members of theuniversity to be led. They can give you any suggestions and advice on when toregister, how to do it, which course to choose according to your interest, andthe best how to get the scholarship. They put your personal information likeinterest, talent, aptitude, potential, and nationality into consideration andhelp you to make the best decision of all.

Anyway, whenyou click on the site and go through the relevant part, you see the first stepis "Choosing a program," which should be followed by clicking on"Apply Now," "Send your request," and "Go tostudy" are the third and fourth septs respectively. All the steps are donein some minutes. Don't forget the documents that should be prepared beforestarting the process.

Cost ofeducation

Since there aretwo different main kinds of universities in Iran, each one that you choose hasits own fund system. Some universities are public and state-run like Amirkabiruniversity, in which you don't need to spend any money, especially if you canget the scholarship. Another one is self-funded like Azad University. Studyingat such a university, or if you cannot win the scholarship, you should consider the cost of education. But how much?

The amount thatyou should pay depends on some factors, one of which is whether you come from anon-Persian speaking country or not. Also, the course you want to take and thedegree level you are going to attend can decrease or increase the amount oftuition fees. If your major is Humanities, Social, and Behavioral Sciences, andyou are a non-Persian speaker, you should pay about 1250 dollars for eachsemester. But the tuition for Arts, Engineering, Basic Sciences, Agriculture,and Veterinary Medicine is approximately 2330 dollars. However, if you comefrom a Persian-speaking country, the tuition fees decrease.

The degreelevels affect the amount of tuition too. If you are studying at the Ph.D.level, and waiting for the Comprehensive Exam, you ought to pay 50% of thefixed tuition in addition to full tuition fees for a semester. But, if you arewaiting for the approval of the proposal, you should pay just 50% of fixedtuition fees. The tuition for the dissertation is the same as full tuition feesfor four semesters after approval of the proposal plus 50% of Fixed tuitionfees for subsequent semesters. For M.A. or M.Sc., the tuition for the thesis isfull tuition fees for two semesters after your proposal is approved, inaddition to 50% of fixed tuition fees for subsequent semesters.

Cost ofliving

The cost ofliving shouldn't be forgotten and must be paid. However, when you choose Iranas your study destination, you shouldn't worry about the living cost. It isaffordable, especially when you take a part-time job while you are studying;you are permitted to do so. In comparison with the other countries in theregion, the cost that includes rent, utilities, Internet subscription, food,insurance, and transportation is not a burden on your shoulders if you want tolive in a big city. Now, imagine how much money you can save if you choose acheaper area to live in.

Generallyspeaking, the cost for a two-bedroom apartment in a large city is about $500.By sharing the apartment, and the utilities, you can decrease the cost and savemore money. So, you can cut down the expenses by cooking at home rather thaneating at a fancy restaurant, using public transportation, and getting medicalhelp from free or low-cost healthcare centers. Having the ability to manage thecost and the money you earn doesn't let you worry about the cost of botheducation and living.

Admissionat Amirkabir University 

The admissionoffice at Amirkabir University is always active in helping new applicants,whether the student is from Iran or is a foreigner. The staff members give helpconcerning housing, dining, and many other services. First of all, you shouldregister and get an AUT email account. This is like a gateway to get in touchwith the admission office members.

The applicantsare evaluated for admission. The factors include the student's academic record,extracurricular interests, intellectual achievements, and personal background.Some documents are needed for the students' admission depending on the degreelevels; however, the necessary documents are as follows:

-         Transcripts of the last three years of high school;

-         High school diploma;

-         Transcript of BSc degree;

-         Transcript of MSc degree (if applicable);

-         Completed application form;

-         A proposal of the thesis for Ph.D. applicants (500-600Words);

-         Two recommendation letters for MSc, and Ph.D.applicants;

-         The abstract of MSc thesis (in two pages) for Ph.D.applicants;

-         A copy of the passport;

-         Scholarship letter (if available);

-         A clear scan of the applicant's photo.

So, manyinternational students have been admitted so far; you can join them.