Annually, anincreasing number of foreign students who are interested in continuing theireducation in Iran has fascinated the authorities of other countries all aroundthe globe. By facilitating the universities with the latest technologicaladvancement, more and more people express their desire to study in thiscountry. Currently, there are about 52000 international students studying atdifferent decent universities. They have come from different nations, whichmeans the facilities and high quality of the universities are universallyaccepted.

To name some ofthe countries, we can mention Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Japan, China, Syria,Moldavia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, the U.S., Australia, Pakistan,the Netherlands, Korea, Armenia, Italy, Canada, France, Bahrain, the U.K.,Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Russia, Denmark, Senegal, Lebanon, Mexico, India,Germany, Egypt, Taiwan, Romania, Slovakia, Pakistan, Croatia, Nigeria, Oman,Serbia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Georgia, and Sudan. But it doesn't mean fullachievement. The authorities are making a lot of efforts to make theuniversities so qualified that students from all corners of the world areattracted. There are many factors that make a university an ideal one thatforeign students in Iran are looking for to study the basic sciences.Considering the points that will be mentioned, you can get what is the bestuniversity in Iran.

An idealuniversity

To put itsimply, an ideal university is that one that keeps students coming back. Highereducation is in a state of flux. We see many changes in our life; the industryis changing, we should adapt to new norms, and the students' expectations arechanging and increasing. So, a decent university should cover them all.Overall, the core factors are:

- It shouldprovide you with a completely personalized education and track your progressand develop your strengths.

- The cost should below or free, so financial matters shouldn't distract you.

- It shouldwork interactively with entrepreneurs and attract top firms. It should be acenter of innovation.

- An idealuniversity should attract all talented people from all around the world.

- Providing jobopportunities for you is one of their basic duties. In there, you should learnhow to fit into the workplace.

- Mentorsshould lead you while doing your projects and help you to find an appropriatejob.

- It shouldoffer online courses and virtual learning in case it is needed for you totravel on holiday or mission. So, you shouldn't be confined to one location.

- It shouldhelp you keep abreast professionally and teach you how to be on top of thelist.

Generally speaking, the things considered by the students when decidingon their desirableuniversity can be the cost, amount of financial aid, size, distance fromaccommodation, location, availability of desired major, availability of sports,rigor, and size of the classes. Each individual prioritizes the featuresdifferently based on their needs. However, in Iran, universities benefit fromall of them no matter what the priority is. Amirkabir, as one of the bestuniversities in Iran, can be a good idea example, especially regarding basicsciences.

What arethe basic sciences, and why are they important?

The definitionof basic sciences comes from the scientific disciplines of mathematics,physics, chemistry, and biology. The reason why they are called basic sciencesis due to the provision of a fundamental understanding of natural phenomena andthe processes that natural resources are transferred by. The basic sciencetopics are geology, introduction to chemistry, space, kingdoms, science basics,history of Earth, cells and genetics evolution, and many more other topics.

Basic sciencesor fundamental scientific studies are important because they continuouslyevolve the education systems, and as a result, the society of knowledge can beachieved. Such a society leads us to applied science and technologicalbreakthroughs. There are different branches of basic science, but the main onesare physical science, Earth science, and life science. Knowing how many basicsciences are important, you should look for the best university in Iran tobuild the foundation of your education as strong as possible. Amirkabiruniversity is an educational place that can make your dream come true due toits world rand, which is 596 among thousands of universities all over theworld. So, let's get familiar with it.

AboutAmirkabir University of Technology (AUT)

This universitywhich is also called Tehran Polytechnic is located in Tehran, and itsestablishment took place in 1928. Since that time, it has brought a lot ofadvancement to the system of education and has been one of the educationaldestinations for many students from around the world, especially the countriesof the Middle East. To cite an example, to study in Iran for Pakistani studentsis like a dream.

The evolutioncan be seen in the number of its departments and courses that have been on therise. Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology, ElectricalEngineering, Industrial Engineering, Marine Technology, Mathematics, andComputer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy Engineering,Physics and Nuclear Science, Polymer Engineering, Textile Engineering, andPetroleum Engineering are some of the main ones among many. The offeredservices, especially in presenting basic sciences, are so great that nobodylikes to miss them. Research centers, libraries, sports facilities, onlinecourses, distant learning opportunities, and also administrative services havecaused it to gain world fame.

This universitystands as the second-best university in Iran and holds the 477 ranks by Q.S. ofthe top 1000 universities of the world. The staff members have been trained togive any kind of help and advice on choosing the course, dormitories, costs,facilities, scholarships and whatever you name it. In addition, the highquality of teaching methods attracts many international students annually. So,when it comes to education, Iran welcomes you by admitting you to study in sucha great university.

The cost ofeducation

The amount of money you should pay depends on some factors whether you intend to study in state-run universities, like Amirkabiruniversity, or self-funded ones, like Azad university. Also, scholarship has agreat role in reducing the costs. However, if you are not lucky enough to winthe scholarship, the amount of tuition fees depends on the degree level, areasof study, your nationality, and some other criteria. The tuition may or may notinclude room, board, or some external costs.

Anyway, for thebachelor's degree, the tuition cost is about 9000 US dollars per year. Thisamount for the Master level decreases by 2000 U.S. dollars. To go through moredetails, majoring in Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, you need topay 1250 dollars each semester, but for majors like Arts, Engineering, BasicSciences, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine, 2300 dollars should be paid. Incase you don't have any course credits, the authorities estimate the amount oftuition according to some factors.

For a, if you are waiting for the Comprehensive Exam, the fixed tuition is 50%of the full tuition in addition to full tuition fees for a semester. However,waiting for the approval of the proposal, you must pay just 50% of fixedtuition. The tuition for dissertation equals full tuition fees for 4 semestersafter approval of the proposal plus 50% of Fixed tuition fees for subsequentsemesters. For M.A. or M.Sc., the tuition for the thesis is full tuition feesfor 2 semesters after approval of the proposal in addition to 50% of fixedtuition fees for subsequent semesters. You should notice that the tuitionshould be paid fully. However, if you win the scholarship, your education willbe free.

Living cost

Paying theliving expenses is an easy task due to their affordability. If you do notintend to stay at the dormitory and like to rent an apartment, you should knowthat the price is directly related to the location. To cite an example, theaverage rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a big city is about $500, whichincludes the cost of rent, Internet subscription, utilities, and localtransportation.

Food andgroceries are fairly cheap, especially if you cook at home. When it comes toinsurance, you need to know that if you are not insured by the university, itis recommended not to go to private hospitals and healthcare centers, for theycost a fortune. Instead, you can use low-cost or free treatment services.

Scholarshipsand the requirements

It is possibleto minimize the amount of money you have to pay while studying in Iran byapplying for a scholarship. You can be fully or partially funded. You need toget the required GPA for B.A. and M.A. in Technology, Engineering, and BasicSciences that is 14 out of 20. However, for Ph.D., it is 16. Your age isimportant too. To get a scholarship for B.A., you should be at most 22, 26 forM.A., and 31 for Ph.D.

Initially, theapplication form should be filled and along with other documents need to beuploaded or submitted; documents like your completed documents, transcripts ofthe courses and grades you completed in each semester, any documentations likedissertations, essay summaries, and letters of recommendation, and a copy ofthe page in your passport that shows personal data and photograph.

Beforesubmitting, you had better care that the documents must be officially issued.Scanning the documents, notice that the original documents should be scanned,not the copies, and both sides need to be scanned. The documents should betranslated officially and stamped by the authorities like the Ministry of the JusticeAdministration and Justice Administration. The university or school where youstudied should verify the transcripts. Since all your documents are checked bythe university and government authorities to see they are authentic or not, besure that some essential information like your name and birthdate is the samein all the documents like I.D., transcripts, and degree certificate.

How you canapply

To choose theeasiest and most foolproof way is clicking on to see all the detailsabout everything. By visiting the site and the part related to scholarship, yousee some steps that should be taken. So, choose the program and press the"Apply now" button. Then it is followed by the third step that shouldbe taken, click on "Send your request" and then "Go tostudy." If you run into any problem or you find any part confusing, justcontact the university representative and get information and advice on what todo. You can even ask for a list of necessary documents. So, win the scholarshipfrom the best university in Iran, Amirkabir university.

Thesecurity of Iranian universities

Iran has beenrecorded as one of the most peaceful and secure countries in the Middle East.The rate of street crime is the lowest among the neighboring countries. Whenyou read the comments of the travelers and tourists, you see it has beendescribed as the safest country, and the rate of violent crime against foreignpeople is tremendously low. The only kind of reaction you see from the localpeople is politeness combined with a great amount of hospitality. These are thefacts about ordinary people and tourists.

Whenuniversities and academic education matter, the level of safety increases. So,the security of Iranian universities has been guaranteed. Since this country is thehome of rich history and culture, insecurity has no place; it can be a rolemodel. The many reasons for studying in Iran can be summarized as:

- its amazinglyhospitable people;

- rich cultureand history;

- deliciouscuisines to eat;

- so manytourist attractions to visit;

- high-qualityand up-to-the-moment education;

- very secureand peaceful social atmosphere.

Overall, as astudent you are welcomed by friendly people, can be familiar with one of themost ancient history, try delicious local foods, visit many attractive touristspots, benefit from the best methods of education and last but not least, havea safe temporary or permanent life.