To build yourprospective life, many things come to mind, each of which has a special role infulfilling your dream. It is generally asserted that education has afundamental role. The higher quality it has, the faster you can achieve yourgoals. To do so, you need to look for the highest qualified university. Thereare a lot of factors that can determine whether the university chosen iseligible enough and can pave the way for you to attain what you want. Sometimesyou need to explore all over the world to compare and weigh the features ofeach.

One of thestudy destinations for most of the students in Iran is which you can find agreat deal of decent universities, one of which is Amirkabir University ofTechnology. You can get the highest possible quality of education there. InIran, universities offer things that are equal or even better than what otherfamous universities do. Every year the number of foreign candidates who applyfor the universities in this country is on the rise, especially fromneighboring countries like Pakistan. It is so beneficial to study in Iran forPakistani students and also the students from other countries due to themarvelous benefits. Before knowing about the numerous merits of studying atAmirkabir university, let's get familiar with it.

AboutAmirkabir University of Technology (AUT)

It is known asTehran Polytechnic and is a public research university that is located inTehran. Its establishment took place in 1928 as a standard academy. It has beenfacilitated by time, and nowadays, it can compete with world-famous and alreadydeveloped universities in the world. At that time, there were just fiveengineering departments; now, this number has grown to more than fifteen.

The departmentsoffer a wide range of courses that are suitable for every kind of interest. Toname the main departments, we can mention Aerospace Engineering, BiomedicalEngineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, andInformation Technology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, MarineTechnology, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Miningand Metallurgy Engineering, Physics and Nuclear Science, Polymer Engineering, TextileEngineering, and Petroleum Engineering. The amenities, including both academicand non-academic ones, are the push factors for students to study there, likelibraries, sports facilities, online courses, distant learning opportunities,and also administrative services. That's why it has been chosen as the best university in the Middle EastForeign students in Iran canbenefit from all the changes that local students have, sometimes even betterchances.  

The AmirkabirUniversity of Technology holds the 477 ranks by QS of the top 1000 universitiesof the world and stands as the second-best university in Iran. Due to theservices it offers, knowledgeable and friendly staff members, and the talentedand genius teachers it has, the number of applications is increasing by themoment.

Thebenefits of studying at Amirkabir University of Technology

Availability ofthe levels and a variety of courses is one of the prominent factors weighingthe options of universities. The reasonable reason why you should choose thisuniversity is its endless courses and levels. It offers different degreelevels, including Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. Both genders,male and female students, are admitted.

The degrees canbe accomplished without paying any money if you can meet all the requirementsof winning the scholarship. If you contact the Admission Office of theAmirkabir University of Technology or click on, you can get the neededinformation regarding specific admission selection policy and also theacceptance rate in detail. Let's elaborate on what the requirements of gettingthe scholarships are.

Scholarshipin Iran for foreign students 

To continueyour education, Iran is one the safest and most developed countries in theMiddle East that can provide you with a great deal of educational services, oneof which is a scholarship that everybody is looking for. Students at variouslevels, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral, canapply for different available positions and grants to continue their studies.You can study on fully funded or partially funded scholarships that governmentand university authorities offer every year.

Requirementsfor scholarship

The foreignstudents are required to have academic qualifications to win the scholarship.If you are applying for BA and MA in Technology, Engineering, and BasicSciences, the required GPA is 14 out of 20. For Ph.D., it increases to 16. Youcannot win the scholarship at every age; there is an age limit. At the timeyour application is being made, you shouldn't be more than 22 for BA, 26 forMA, and 31 for Ph.D. The scholarship you win may cover Persian courses in caseyou need dormitories and insurance. To be sure whether yes or not, you cancheck the official site of the university in which you desire to study, mostlythe Amirkabir University of Technology.

 Thescholarship application form can be downloaded from the university site. Allthe documents should be prepared by the deadline; they include certificates ofyour completed documents, transcripts of the courses and grades you completedin each semester, any documentations like dissertations, essay summaries, andletters of recommendation, and a copy of the page in your passport that showspersonal data and photograph. Good command of the Persian language is needed.If you don't have such a command, you must take part in some Persian languageclasses for about three months.

Submittingthe documents

Beforeuploading or submitting the documents, they should be officially translated andstamped by the authorities like the Ministry of the Justice Administration andJustice Administration. It should be notified that the transcripts must beverified by the university. The original documents shouldn't be pictured; theyshould be scanned, both the front and the backsides. Since your documents arechecked by the university and government authorities to see whether they areauthentic or not, you should be sure that some essential information like yourname and birthdate must be the same in all the documents like ID, transcripts,and degree certificate.

Applyingfor the scholarship

Having preparedall the required documents, you need to follow some easy steps; it doesn't takea long time. If you click on the official site of the university, you havechosen  

AmirkabirUniversity's site as an example, you see some steps which start with"Choosing a program." The second step is clicking on the "ApplyNow" button, which is followed by the third step, "Send yourrequest." Very quickly, you can go through the last stage, "Go tostudy."

To avoid anytrouble while applying, you had better contact the university representative tobe guided. All the members are polite, talented, informative, and friendly, soyou can get any kind of advice on how to apply, what documents are needed,which courses can be opted according to your talent, potential, and interest, andany other consultancies you need. Also, regarding student visas, Iran hasgained a reputation for any kind of visa, entry, tourist, transit, and exitvisa.

The cost ofeducation

In case ithappens that you are not that much lucky or win the scholarship or it is yourpreference not to get it, you should be informed about the cost of education inIran. Since you are allowed to work in Iran while you are studying, the costwouldn't be a burden on your shoulders and doesn't distract you from youreducation.

The tuitionthat should be paid depends on the degree level, the course of study, and someother criteria. However, if you contact the Amirkabir University ofTechnology's office, they give every kind of information in detail about thetuition fees. But generally speaking, the tuition cost for a bachelor's degreeis approximately 9000 US dollars per year. This amount decreases by 2000dollars if you are a student of Master level, 7000 US dollars. If your budgetis tight, no worry; you can get some loans from valid banks to pay the tuition.You should also care about the cost of living in Iran.

The cost ofliving

To make a longstory short, the cost of living is affordable in comparison with the othercountries, especially the neighboring ones. Intending to live in a megacity,you should pay approximately $500 for a one-bedroom apartment. It includes thecost of utilities, Internet subscriptions, and public transportation. You cansave your money more if you live on the outskirts of the big cities.

You don't needto worry about food and grocery cost. They are fairly cheap. However, you cancook at home to save your money rather than eating out. Health facilities aregood enough, but if you are not insured, you may have to pay a lot. On thecondition that you use public and state-run healthcare centers and hospitals,you wouldn't need to pay any money. Private hospitals are so expensive that youhave to pay a fortune.  

Thebenefits of studying at Amirkabir University

Now you knowenough about such a splendid University that has world fame. The services theuniversity offers are noticeable and make everyone speechless. The first andforemost point is the degrees that have an excellent international reputation.As it is the second top University in Iran, it maintains a wide variety ofcourses appropriate for every kind of personality and interest. Continuouslythe students are being attracted due to the always-changing and evolvingclassrooms.

The campus anddormitories are loaded with different students with different nationalities,religions, and ethnicity, so you can have an opportunity to learn differentlanguages and cultures. In addition, while you are studying there, you aresupported moment by moment. There are various workshops, orientations,training, conferences, and seminars that are held to push the students to reachtheir goals. There are also many extracurricular activities available regardingart, computer, and more the like. It is possible for all the foreign studentsto have access to web-based classes, utilize computer-based tests and usedifferent labs and resources. These are a few of some of the advantages theuniversity offers. However, in society, you can gain more.

About Iran

Thisfour-season country is situated in Western Asia. It is bordered by Armenia,Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan to the north and the Persian Gulf to the South. Itis the 18th largest country, and the population is over 81 million.

 Theculture and civilization date back to 5000 years ago. The official language isPersian, but you can hear different languages and dialects like Arabic,Turkmen, Gilaki, Kurdish, Armenian, and more. It is home to ancient and modernart, literature, music, and architecture. It is a total wonder for foreigners.So, don't lose such a chance of living in such a rich country even for a shorttime.

Why studyin Iran?

Being admittedto the Amirkabir University of Technology means you have a great chance to livein Iran and benefit from what it offers. You can be exposed to differentcultural beliefs, festivals, and traditions of the place.

Since Iran isthe home to many languages, dialects, and accents, you can have the opportunityto learn them. After a while, your accuracy and fluency in the languages anddialects will be great. Learning a new language means being familiar with newcultures. So, through communicating with the local people, you can develop yourpersonality and learn how to be independent. Many life skills can be learned,and after a while, you will find yourself having a tough personality that candeal with every kind of problem in life. Overall, it brings maturity to you.So, study in Iran and get whatever benefit Amirkabir University offers.