Have you everwondered how it is possible to reach your potential and make it realized? Whatwould happen if you had a chance to educate in a world-recognized universitywith the most innovative teaching approach? Iranian universities, especiallyAmirkabir University, have gained their undisputed reputation due to theiracademic excellence and quality, which are delivered by the teachers' leadingminds.  

Studying,especially in another country, is one of the most important decisions ofeverybody's life because what will happen to our life and what we will be inthe future are directly connected to our education. Although the most prominentreason for considering studying at an Iranian university can be exclusivelyacademic, there is a wealth of reasons why Iran has been considered as one of the top study destinations in the middle east. Manyforeign students in iran, the ones from Pakistan or Afghanistan to be exact,target the universities in Iran like AmirKabir university to achieve theiracademic goals. Before knowing more about the benefits offered, let's get alittle familiarity with Amirkabir university.

AboutAmirkabir University of Technology (AUT)

This universitywhich is also known as Tehran Polytechnic, is a public research universitylocated in Tehran. It was established in 1928 as a standard academy. During thefirst years, it had just five engineering departments, but now it has fifteenscience and engineering departments, including Aerospace Engineering,Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, ComputerEngineering, and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, IndustrialEngineering, Marine Technology, Mathematics, and Computer Science, MechanicalEngineering, Mining, and Metallurgy Engineering, Physics and Nuclear Science,Polymer Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. Inaddition, it offers so many academic and non-academic facilities, includingdifferent libraries, sports facilities, online courses, distant learningopportunities, and also administrative services.

The applicantsare admitted in three different degree levels; Bachelor, Master, and Doctoraldegrees. Both genders, males and females, are admitted. The university offersthe same or even better services to foreign applicants. Suppose you contact theAdmission Office of the Amirkabir University of Technology. In that case, youcan be informed in detail regarding specific admission selection policies inaddition to acceptance rate, which are different considering areas of study,degree level, student nationality or residence, and some other factors.

Overall,Amirkabir University of Technology stands as the second-best university in Iranand holds the 477 ranks by QS of the top 1000 universities of the world, whichis why many students from all over the world, especially from the Middle East,are attracted to study at this decent university. There are between 9000 to9999 students who have enrolled and study there, including students fromoverseas. About 400 to 499 staff members are giving academic services to thestudents and ready to fulfill every kind of need or question you have. You cantry the best university in Iran to study the basic sciences.

Thebenefits of studying in Iran

Whoever hasstudied in Iran can prove the great number of benefits the universities in Iranoffer. The more decent the university is, the better services it offers. Toname the core services Amirkabir university offer, we can refer to admission orregistration, academic support services, testing, counseling and advising, andthe best of all, financial assistance. Let's be familiar with both academic andnon-academic benefits.

Academic services

You, as astudent and also your families, can be served by information on how to selecteducational programs regarding your needs and aptitudes. The staff is availablearound the clock to give valid and reliable services to foreign students andanswer any question you have. If you find a need for any kind of advice onadmission or financial aid, the professional and polite staff members can makeyou familiar with the best and most affordable services of the highest caliber.

The cadremembers in the Admission office give you a functional hand to let you decideaccurately considering your intended majors, personality, academic level, andyour budget. They make the admission process go more smoothly in a timelymanner. Regarding your budget, you can benefit from some financial aid, in caseit is needed, like partial or full scholarships that are offered in Iran for International Students.Having a good academicrecord, you can have a great chance to receive aid. If you can get ascholarship, you can have a tuition waiver like an adequate amount of money topay your living expenses, thesis fees, and your plane ticket while you arestudying. There are some non-academic push factors that draw prodigies fromother countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the neighboring countriesto study in Iran and benefit from the invaluable services. So, a chance tostudy in Iran for Pakistani students, as an example, shouldn’t be missed.


Non-academic benefits

The reasons whymany students prefer to study in Iran are many, one of which is amazinglyhospitable people. One of the common problems that people face is how tocommunicate with the natives, which is usually considered as culture shock.However, there is no need to worry; since Iranian people are so warm-heartedand welcoming, such an obstacle can be overcome so easily. An impressivequality that is shared by most Iranian people is their hospitality, which meansthey put their guests' needs first.

To study inIran means being familiar with the history and culture of a country whoseantiquity refers back to thousands of years ago. The architecture, science,literature, and culture are vibrant. This country is a good source forprofessional archeologists to do their research on history. There are manyexhibitions and performances held in major cities on the subject of art,architecture, science, and whatever presents the invaluable history of Iran.

The literatureshouldn't be missed. Throughout history, Iran has introduced many poets,writers, and of course, literary critics to the world that are the subjects ofeducation in many international universities. So, they are non-academicbenefits but are as worthy as the academic ones.  

To mention somemore attractions, we can list delicious national foods like Gorme Sabze,numerous tourist attractions in different rural and urban areas, a peaceful andsecure society, and more the like. So, if you study in Iran, you can save yourtime and money in addition to benefiting from up-to-the-moment learningopportunities and teaching approaches.

Education cost

Taking about education Iran offers degrees do not take that much time to attain in comparisonwith the ones taken in other countries. So, it can be considered as a kind offinancial benefit. However, when you are possible to work while studying, youcan expand your budget. It is also possible to be benefited from "freemoney," like scholarships that are offered inIran for International Students and grants. You can affordwhat you choose, which means the cost of education in Iran doesn't distract you from studying.

Depending onthe degree level, areas of study, nationality, and some other criteria, tuitionmay vary. To be totally informed about your yearly tuitions, you can contactthe Amirkabir University of Technology's office. The tuition may or may notinclude room, board, or some external costs. So getting in touch, get theinformation in detail.

Generallyspeaking, the tuition cost for a bachelor's degree is approximately 9000 USdollars per year. But, a year of studies at Master level is about 7000 USdollars. However, it is possible for you to benefit from free education if youare talented enough to win a full scholarship. There are also someopportunities for you to choose online courses to pay less tuition. It is alsopossible to get a loan when you study in Iran to pay the tuition.

Cost of living in Iran

Regarding therate of inflation all around the world, earning a living as a student doesn'tdistract you from your education. The cost of living is low and affordable. Theaverage rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a big city is about $500. Livingaround the mega cities, you pay even less, around $300. However, the cost ofliving is different depending on your choices. To cite an example, you shouldknow that basic monthly living cost includes renting a shared flat at $350 inwhich the utilities are shared too, and they cost $13, and about $21 forInternet subscription and $13 for local transportation. So, each month, youneed to pay about $397.

Food and other everydaygroceries are fairly cheap. If you cook at home rather than eating out, you cansave a lot amount of money. When it comes to transportation, it should bepointed out it is inexpensive unless you would like to buy or hire a car. So ifyou use public transportation, there is no need to worry about transportationcosts. Last but not least is the cost of health facilities. Since you can beinsured by the university, there are so many centers offering low-cost or freetreatment services. Otherwise, if you don't have insurance or prefer going toprivate hospitals, you should expect to pay a fortune. So, if you intend tostudy in Iran, you don't need to worry about the costs.

Requirements to apply

In addition tofilling in the application form, you need to provide some documents by thedeadline. The documents needed are as follows:

Certificates ofyour completed documents must be officially issued.

Transcripts ofthe courses and grades you completed in each semester. They should beofficially credited and issued.

Anydocumentations like dissertations, essay summaries, and letters ofrecommendation.

A copy of thepage in your passport that shows personal data and photographs.

All theapplicants should have a good command of the Persian language; if not, they shouldtake part in some Persian language classes for about three months.

All thedocuments should be translated officially and uploaded in both languages. Thetranslation must be stamped by the authorities like the Ministry of the JusticeAdministration and Justice Administration. Some points are necessary to beconsidered;

- theuniversity must verify the transcripts;

- uploading thedocuments, the scans of the original documents must be uploaded, not copies;

- when you scanthe documents, both the front and back sides must be scanned and submitted;

- someessential information like your name and birthdate must be the same as all thedocuments like ID, transcripts, and degree certificate.

The universitychecks your documents to see how much they are authentic. If all therequirements are met, the process of registration, which doesn't take a longtime, starts. And that the time you can study in Iran and enjoy the benefitsAmirkabir university offers to international students.

Scholarships and the requirements

Winning ascholarship depends on how much you are academically eligible, which isestimated by the International Council studying your CV and the documents youhave sent. Receiving a scholarship for BA or BSc, you must be under 24 yearsold and for MA or MSc under 28. Furthermore, at the end of the second term,your GPA must be at least 16; this number for MSc is 17 out of 20.

The scholarshipcovers some issues like registration tuition of Persian courses, dormitories,insurance, and some other points. But there is an important point; if you havereceived a scholarship from other sources in Iran, you will be consideredillegible to receive it.

How to apply

Having preparedall the documents, you need to click on and apply just byfollowing some steps starting with Choosing a program and then press ApplyNow" button. Having done that, follow the third step that is "Sendyour request," which is followed by "Go to study." If you find somethingwrong or have a question, contact the university representative and getinformation and advice on what to do. You are recommended to request a list ofnecessary documents. Now, you know how to study in Iran. Go for it; you won'tregret it.